Our Business

Our company is engaged in the business of providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services specializing in the area of support services solutions. We provide wide ranges of support services such as Customer Care and Customer help line Call Centre for clients, Tele-sales, Tele collections, Digitization of documents, Processing of application and KYC forms, warehousing and archival, Payroll management, etc. We believe in providing efficient and accurate services which is core value of the organization. Our focus is on exceeding delivery standards and providing high-quality solutions using the latest technology and industry best practices. With a team of skilled professionals, we offer a diverse range of services to support various aspects of our clients' business operations for an ultimate end to end business solutions for need of the client business.

In today’s business world, starts ups to mid-size companies to large corporate are focusing on outsourcing model for their various activities. Our Company provide services to Start ups to mid-size and large corporates to fulfil their business outsourcing needs. Our Company provide services in various industries namely Telecom. BFSI, E Retail, Insurance, Food Delivery, Hotels, State and Central Government Organisations, HealthCare, Education, etc.

The company currently operates solely within the boundaries of India and does not have any business activities, subsidiaries, or operations in foreign countries. The company's focus remains on its domestic operations, ensuring efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction within the Indian market. The company maintains well-defined and established business agreements with all of its clients. These agreements outline the terms, scope, and responsibilities of both the company and its clients, ensuring clear expectations and a harmonious working relationship.

Our company is in the current line of business for more than 18 years and the client lists includes various telecom, bank, insurance, financial service companies, along with food delivery, health sector, education and State and Central Government offices, etc. Also, we help our clients with our voice and non-voice support services, Back Office Processing Services to provide a comprehensive range of services across all industry sectors to clients who are in need of specialist assistance. Our services can be tailored to meet the needs of each client. We make sure that we give our clients with the best so that they can meet the different challenges presented by business environment. We strive to use innovative strategies in order to ensure our client is exposed to the top-tier talent.

Besides, providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to our clients, our Company also involved in trading activity of FMCG and staples goods like Daal, Sugar, Rice, dry fruits, fruits and vegetables etc. Due to its presence in various parts of the Country, we have geographical advantage in procurement of some FMCG and Staple items at an economical price and the same is supplied to various retailers as a B2B sales.

Voice Business Call Center

Over a Decade of Experiance

NSBBPO is providing Voice based Call Centre Services in the field of both Inbound and Outbound Call center. Our company delivers high standard voice support services that increases customer loyalty and retention, at exciting costs. Our call centre outsourcing service is a cost-effective way to support businesses through Inbound and Outbound calls for support services, customer queries and help customers solve their problems. We are equipped to cater both inbound and outbound calls through efficient auto dialer. We cover a wide range of areas and drive improvements across the enterprise. Our voice-based support services team has an industry experience of over a decade and bring with them immense understanding of critical business processes.

Voice process consists of two processes:

Inbound Voice process

This process handles all incoming calls of the customers and these calls may be regarding various types of issues. When a call is received from a customer, a customer care representative will try to resolve the issue. The issue can be resolved over the phone instantly or a suitable complaint will be raised.

Outbound Voice process

An Outbound process is tougher than the inbound voice process as here the customer care executive is needed to make call to the customers. The customer care executive has to gain the attention of the customers while making such calls and start pitching for the product. It is important to explain the benefits of the products in a meaningful way that can make an appeal to the customers. Further Services provided by us under voice business can be bifurcated as follows:

Our Services are spread in the field of providing Customer Care / Support, Managing Customer Helpline, Handling Tele Sales, Payment reminders and collections. We have been providing these services across various Industrial domains like BFSI, E Our Services are spread in the field of providing Customer Care / Support, Managing Customer Helpline, Handling Tele Sales, Payment reminders and collections. We have been providing these services across various Industrial domains like BFSI, E Retail, Government, Food Delivery Travel & Hospitality, Education Management, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Etc.

Back Office Business Outsourcing

Back-office services refer to business processes that take place behind-the-scenes. While back-office tasks are not as visible, they are imperative for businesses to be successful. Large Organizations usually outsource the back office related works to BPOs. Our company offers a cost-efficient way to have back-office matters taken care of by experts.

NSBBPO is focused on delivering smart, comprehensive business outsourcing solutions such as Digitization of Documents and Document Management, Customer Onboarding and Form Processing, Credit Card application processing, Warehousing and archival of documents. We have been providing these services across various Industrial domains like Telecom, BFSI, Insurance, Ecommerce, BPOs, Etc

We are expert for Backoffice operations

Payroll Management Services

NSBBPO recruits and monitors resources for their clients, along with human resource management additional benefits are also given to the employees by providing insurance, training in soft skills, performance review. We provide Payroll Management as a holistic program by providing end-to-end solutions across recruitment and onboarding, Payroll Management, Compliance and reporting and Recordkeeping and most important attrition management. Our Clients belongs to BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, and Logistics etc.

Diversified customer base and revenue sources

We serve a diverse mix of end markets across several industry sectors such as BFSI, Insurance, Education, Travel & Hospitality, Healthcare, Government Business, Food & Beverages, Retails, E-Commerce & Logistics etc. In our business, we serve a number of customers with variety of services such as Back office processing, Call Centre and Payroll Management. Since we cater to a diverse customer base, across industry having start up to mid scale organisation to large scale giants, we have been able to maintain a growth track and we believe with this strong launch pad our company can maintain its growth track record.