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For Digital Distribution Network

Business Vistaar (Expending your Business) is B2B- solution focussed on supply chain innovation to foster sustainable business growth through deeper penetration and coverage across the retailer base . We support in driving equal spread through our tele-beat model and serve the retailers through a dedicated virtual beat.

This is on top of the existing distribution layer hence would co-exists in the eco system. We believe this solution complement the current distribution infrastructure and back the client and distributor to enhance the reach with the retailers accidently left out from routine beat and tapped by the local manufacturers or competition in the peripheries of urban markets and mostly in rural and semi urban markets.

Our advisors will work with these retailers bring them back to mainstream by continuous dialogue to understand their concerns, local market demands and serve them with the local distributor. This initiative further helps to balance the truck/auto load with the adequate products ordered and there by maximise the revenue for the beat and thus enhance the distributor-retailer relationship.

We have one of our center in north supporting all languages catering to north & west, retailers in east are served from Bhuvneshwar and southern part of the county are supported out of another center in Hyderabad. We backed this solution through state of the art Dialer coupled with intelligent campaigns specifically designed for each market to maximise the coverage thus sales for our clients.

Solutions For RetailEnable Revenue Growth

  • Rich Millions

    We want each incumbent to reach out to market quickly and excite the retailers to be part of the family to sell their products.

  • Deliver Smiles

    We want to enable companies deliver on their promise with fast and quality delivery coupled with least cost and having all retailers firing all days.

  • Make Money

    We want to ensure that each retailer repeatedly sell our clients products and share customer feedback on delivery and pricing to allow them to stay ahead of competition.

ThreePronged Approch

DigitalWave in Retail !!

What do manufacturers want to see


    Deeper Market Penetration

    Sharing Market intelligence on pricing & quality

    Delivering on Target sales


    Missing on Retailer Order

    Retailer moving to competition

    Loosing on market share & RMS

Marketing the non performing retailers based on market

Ensuring each retailers is counted for revenue

Digital Transformation!!

    Retailers are using digital technologies to create game changing business innovations that are changing the existing dynamic and developing new ones.

    Customer shopping habits can be tracked through data sources such as CRM database,loyalty programs,social media activity,purchase history,consumer demands and market trends.

    AI-based algorithms can be used retailers to tailor their marketing based on customer's previous purchases,search habits,clicks,age,gender and other variables.

Our propositionDeep penetration

  • Retailers Drop outs

    Retailer with low revenue identified with AI,BI & Machine learning.These could be left out to poor revenue or off beat or not so frequent order.

  • Reaching out to Door outs

    Trained advisors reach out to Retailers to pickup orders and serve them through tele beat.Smart campaigns rolled to enhance coverage.

  • Improving visibilty

    Advisors build trust for both Retailer and Distributor by regular connect on both inbound and outbound services.

  • Making them Regular

    Advisors creates a routine and reach out to retailers at desired frequency and create regular flow or orders.

  • Fulfilment by Distributors

    Orders are fulfilled by the assigned distributor.This pre order process helps them in arranging their beat with desired material and thus better conversion.

  • Revenue Groth

    The whole propostion is aimed at adding more top line for the distributor and company by reaching every retailer and thus protecting them from any competition.

Ease the entry for New Incumbent

    Home grown dialer and IVR
                (Customise as per client)

    Market intelligence backed Campaigns
                (For effective connect & delivery)

    Manpower for effective pre-sales & sales
                (Emphasis on hiring & training)

    Smart Analytics for better delivery on KPIs
                (Robotics to support input parameters)

Retail Support Center

1. we create a call center that performs
2. Established key call center metrics
3. We offer VoIP

Retailer Support Center

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