Customer Lifecycle Management

Customers with problems or questions want your attention and they want it now. Meeting the customers’ expectations with knowledge, responsiveness, and personal connection is the key to delivering your brand promise. Customer care is no more about just supporting your customers, it is about making connections that last and inspire your customers to love and share your brand.

With the world going digital by the day, the need for companies to go create expressive human connections with their customers is larger than ever. At NSB, we believe that every touchpoint with your customers is a brand-building opportunity as well as the backbone of a successful retention and win-back programs.

Our focus on remarkable customer experiences is what drives every interaction, leading to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our Expertise

Let us take care of your customers - We take a multi-channel approach that empowers customers to interact with your brand via any media channel, any device, anywhere with a personalized, effortless and consistent customer experience throughout their journey. Our support channels include:

  • Phone
  • Chat
  • Email

Collaborating with us:

With our high focus on employee engagement and attrition levels lower than the industry, we know the importance of putting both employees and customers first.

The benefits of collaborating with us:

  • Enhance Customer Experience: Always looking for moments of truth and opportunity to delight customers.
  • Operational & Cost Efficiency: Utilizing lower cost channels to effectively and efficiently manage customer queries.
  • Top-line impact: Value offerings to customers leading to increased loyalty and revenues.

Diverse Portfolio

  • One of the biggest partners, providing assistance to the customer over the phone, chat, and back office
  • Providing 24x7 assistance
  • Provide bi-lingual support
  • New Account Fulfillment & servicing Existing accounts
  • Application Enquiry – provide status on applications
  • Welcome/Activation Calls – verify all details on the account
  • Account Status,Fee Waivers, Soft collections etc.


In order to achieve customer service excellence, we use various tools to assist the customers over the phone and processing their requests at the backend.

  • Industry standard Quality Tools to monitor the call quality to bridge the gaps
  • Using Mobile and Webapp to support WFH in pandemic ERA.
  • Using Checking Account tools to validate the KYC sent by the customers

Our Achievements

Explore the opportunity of achieving your outsourcing objectives with us.

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